Add-on Foglight Wiring Harness

Add-on Foglight Wiring Harness

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  • Allows you to add fog lights to your vehicle with factory-like operation.
  • Available in H11, 9006, or 5202-size output connectors.
  • Compatible with fog lamps, LED pods, and more.
  • High-capacity 16AWG wiring and 15A waterproof fuse.
  • Works with factory-installed auxiliary switches.


Add fog lights to your vehicle. If you want to add fog lights to your vehicle, but you don't have factory wiring, this is the solution you need! Unlike other basic harnesses on the market, our Add-On Fog Harness allows your fog lights to operate automatically, just like you'd expect from the factory. By using an activation and deactivation wire, along with a toggle switch, this harness will turn your fog lights on automatically any time the headlights are turned on, and the switch is in the on position. This is much more convenient than manually flipping a switch on every time you want to use them!

Available with H11, 9006, or 5202-size output connectors, this harness provides up to 12A of power, enough for most fog lamps or pods.

Wiring. We recommend connecting the Activation Input Wire to your sidemarker or low beam signal, so your fog lights can automatically turn on with your parking lights or low beams. Any time this activation signal is powered and the fog light switch is in the On state, the fog lights will be turned on.

We recommend connecting the Deactivation Wire to your vehicle's high beam circuit. This will automatically disable the output any time your high beam is activated. Before wiring, please check local laws and regulations for proper activation and deactivation of the type of lamp you are powering with this harness.

Auxiliary switch compatible. If your vehicle came with an factory-installed auxiliary switch bank, you can use one of them as your fog light switch, instead of the toggle switch that's included. Simply connect an Auxiliary Switch output to the harness, using the included Power Input Wire.

Experience. After over a decade in business, Diode Dynamics is the most trusted name in automotive LED lighting. Unlike every other LED distributor, we assemble and engineer products ourselves in the United States, for high quality and fast time-to-market of the newest and brightest LED technologies. We pride ourselves in offering only quality LED products, that will exceed your expectations. Please contact us if you'd like to discuss your lighting project!


What's Included


Warranty: 3 year warranty
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Current: 15A Fuse; 15A Relay

Wire Size: 16 AWG

Operating Temperature: -40C to 85C (-40F to 185F)

Connector(s): OEM-Size Plug and Play

Unit Weight (lb): 1.06

Product Weight (lb): 1.06

Shipped Weight (lb): 2

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